About LEAD North

LEAD North, formerly known as North Tulsa Development Council,  was developed by four graduates of a leadership pilot program sponsored by the City of Tulsa.  The program was designed to equip current and future leaders in the North Tulsa area to take positive action in their community.  Upon graduation, participants are prepared to leverage local resources, overcome community disadvantages and improve policy decisions and for outcomes that help maintain the long-term viability of communities.  The program also provides the community with a growing population of engaged and informed citizens prepared and committed to build and sustain a strong community. To learn more, check out our History tab.


Programs and Community


LEAD North has quickly grown to become a community of alumni who represent diverse professional and demographic backgrounds. We are a system of business leaders, school leaders, teachers, government officials and community members who have a passion to do more for north Tulsa. LEAD North is a community of over 100 graduates who, through collaborative efforts, learned of community challenges and many have leveraged their education and LEAD North network to execute positive change.