About LEAD North

LN is a program designed to attract diverse leaders who are interested in contributing to the progress of the community. Through experiential learning, field trips, planned speakers who are experts in their field, and class projects, leadership skills are honed, sharpened and ready for action. After graduation, participants are more prepared to leverage resources, overcome obstacles and disadvantages, and improve policy decision outcomes that help maintain the long-term viability of communities. LEAD North also provides North Tulsa with an expanding repository of engaged, informed citizens prepared and committed to build and sustain a stronger place to live,  work, and play.

Why Choose Lead North?

  • You want to impact your community through service
  • You have a stake in your community’s future
  • You have a desire to see a more viable and thriving community
  • You have a desire to work with city and business leaders to implement change
  •  You have a desire to learn how to make an impact in the north Tulsa community
  •  You want to be more involved in the decision making in your community

Our Values

Our programs thrive through these values.


We are passionate about inspiring future leaders to champion solutions to the deep disparities of North Tulsa.


We are committed to cultivating growth. Through transformational and engaging curriculum, we  equip current and future leaders in Tulsa with the skills, knowledge, and network needed to make meaningful change.


We lead by doing, not just learning. Lead North features one of the most comprehensive economic and leadership development curriculums around. We not only learn about the North Tulsa community, we embrace it, engage it and transform it through hands-on sustainable projects.

Programs and Community

LEAD North has quickly grown to become a community of alumni who represent diverse professional and demographic backgrounds. We are a system of business leaders, school leaders, teachers, government officials and community members who have a passion to do more for north Tulsa. LEAD North is a community of over 100 graduates who, through collaborative efforts, learned of community challenges and many have leveraged their education and LEAD North network to execute positive change.

Lead North Application

To apply for a seat in the LN Signature Program, please complete all questions. The application must be completed in one sitting, as partial applications cannot be saved or revisited.